Monday, December 24, 2007

Magic Reindeer Food

BOY was sick with a fever for a couple of days. It seems to have passed just in time for Santa's appearance tonight. Yesterday E and GIRL went to church while BOY and I lazed around in PJ's and didn't do much, which was delightful. GIRL came walking in the door wearing the reindeer antlers that she had made at church and carrying a set of reindeer antlers that she had made for BOY. They are adorable - colored in with brown markers and each of their names written with glitter glue. Last week BOY made magic reindeer food out of oats and glitter with his class. He brought home a little bag of it stapled to a card from Santa. It said:

On Christmas Eve, before you go to bed, sprinkle this Magic Reindeer Food on your lawn. The magic glitter, sparkling in the moonlight and the smell of the oats will help to guide Rudolph right to your house.

Merry Christmas

Love, Santa

So, tonight, BOY & GIRL wearing their PJ's and donning their antlers went outside and sprinkled the Magic Reindeer Food over the lawn. E pointed to the North and explained where the North Pole was and which direction Santa's flight pattern would be across the sky. GIRL's eyes were huge saucers in the moonlight, taking in every word. BOY decided that he would make a circle pattern all the way around the huge tree in our front yard. This was serious business. I just about died taking in their cuteness. It is a full moon and clear skies tonight, so there will be no problem with Santa finding our house. These are the moments when there is nothing, nothing better than being their mommy. Not one thing. I couldn't have dreamed anything this beautiful. And I'm sharing it with their father, my husband, whom I love fiercely.

I wish you all many blessings and joy during this holiday season!

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  1. So glad you have each other. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! I loved that age, when Santa was serious business. Hope Boy is feeling better. No fun to be sick at Christmas - The Middle Child can attest to that this year :-(

  3. What a sweet post. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your precious family. See you soon. Kellan


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