Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not your usual Christmas PARTAAY!

BOY and I were making the usual last pit stop in the bathroom before he went to bed. He was a bit preoccupied... with his penis.

BOY, come on time for bed! Me trying to get his pull-up on and not make an issue out of the preoccupation.

Oh, Mom my penis is having a birthday party.

Excuse me? I say that a lot. Sometimes the ability to stay cool under pressure and keep your good manners about you comes in handy.

He's having a birthday party!

A birthday party?

First he's having a birthday party and then he's going to have a Christmas party.

What do you say to THAT? Clearly nothing.

MMMMmmmm....So...that's how it begins. Apparently as early as 4 years old, the penis becomes a HE and throws his own parties. It all makes sense now. By the time a boy matures into a man, he will have celebrated many penis birthday parties. And a few Christmas parties thrown in for good measure. After all the penis does like to PAARTAAY!

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  1. OK, I will giggle for quite a while from that one. What do you say to that?

  2. Ain't that the TRUTH!!! What a cute story. See you later. Kellan

  3. I'm going to go with "it." So NOT into giving that organ too much personality. After all, this IS the South.

  4. It really is innate, isn't it, this "fascination?" Oh well, sounds like a fun party to have watched, kinda... :-)

  5. I've got two boys, 8 & 11, and I've witnessed too much; but this is a new one even to me! I'm still giggling.

  6. ah yes, the penis fascination. i have two boys -- 5 and 9. i can tell you they are endlessly fascinated..... it's only just begun.....

  7. I'm laughing so hard right now, because I say, "Excuse me?" ALL THE TIME in that kind of situation.

    When Ben was four, he was on the potty, and the door was ajar. In the hallway, I heard him say, "Hello, Mr. Penis, and how are you today?"

  8. We have just recently learned the word. Here's the conversation we had the other day while they were both sitting on the potty.

    Mary Margaret: That's William's penis. (which she pronounces peanut by the way)
    William: That's my penis.
    Mary Margaret: I have a little bitty one.
    William: I have a big one.

    Have I mentioned he's only 2? sigh

  9. O.K., ladies...YOU have CRACKED me up! Such stories. Maybe we should have a PENIS PANEL? haha Or, maybe not...Liv is probably right about not giving the organ too much importance! Thanks so much for your comments. I love the stories from the trenches! :)

  10. 3 boys here...they seem to celebrate the party in their pants different ways...lucky outnumbered me!

  11. That is hilarious!! I say "excuse me" too when I'm at a loss or when I just can't believe what I've heard!!

  12. Musings amusing. Although I'm quite sure you don't always find them that way. Your bloggings are now linked on mine.

  13. Now that was funny! When they get older boys want to invite a magician to their penis's birthday party, I'm sure. I just used the "Excuse me?" phrase a few days ago when playing a board game with the kids I'm a nanny for. I rolled a 0 on the goofy dice we were using and the 4 year old said "You're supposed to say DAMN, when you roll a 0"
    "Excuse Me?" "That's what Daddy said when we played yesterday". Oh!


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