Friday, December 7, 2007

How I love my little GIRL

How is it that my beautiful little baby girl is not a baby anymore? She is a little girl. It is as if I have just woken up from a long trance to this realization. It is stupefying.

Yesterday, as I was delightfully bent over scooping up dog poop into plastic bags (will there ever be a day when I'm not dealing with poop!?), GIRL called out to me:

Mommy, Mommy watch this!! Watch this, Mommy!

She then hoisted herself on the swing, started slowly pumping her little legs, momentum building, until she was actually swinging through the air. And as she gleefully giggled, she called out:

Look, Mommy! I'm going higher and HIGHER!

And she did. And each time her legs snapped forward for the big glide she would lean her head back and shake her hair. It was TOO much. And it was stunning. And I will carry that vision for the rest of my life.

How I love my little GIRL. The one I was so afraid of having. Girls are complicated creatures. And she challenges me daily. But, there is nothing like the perfect round clouds of her soft cheeks that you can dive into with your nose. And the little bud of her mouth. Huge eyes always watching. She is an observer. She studies everything until she gets it down. And then she repeats it again and again. She is methodical.

She is not a baby anymore. But, when she snuggles into my neck and mumbles...Mama, Mommy, Mooommm...I know that she will be my baby girl forever. And ever.

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  1. I was just thinking yesterday how my children were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, or ever would see!
    On a side note, swinging outside? Grr. It's supposed to hit 32 by Tuesday and you have no idea how excited I am!

  2. What a great moment! I'm new here, and I have to say, I love your blog.

  3. hmm. I can just feel her snuggling in.

  4. I think you are right: she'll be yours forever.

    Lexi snarls at me, feigning disdain. But when we haven't spent too much time together, boy, she's still so little. Weepy.

    {PS: I tagged you, if you are into doing a meme.}

  5. That is an awesome milestone, indeed. And so symbolic! Girls ARE complicated creatures, but they are glorious, too.

  6. oh, i'm sitting here with my own 27 month old girl thinking how good it is to have a writing partner, a shopping pal, cosmetics queen and general sassy pants by my side.


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