Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WFMW - Easy Holiday Candle holders

It's WFMW over at Shannon's Rocks in my Dryer blog. I'm happy to join in again, it has been a while!

One of the things that I lovingly unwrap every year is a holiday candle holder that my mother made when I was a child. She is very craftsy, my mother. And she has a green thumb. Is this fair?! Me... black thumb, Kimosabe. And my home goddess craftsy talents? Well, let's just say that I am good at standing back in awe and admiration. In other words, I'm the first one to start clapping. Someone needs to. But, I digress...

This holiday candle holder is really fun and easy to make, and it looks lovely. You will need the following items, almost all of which can be picked up at a crafts store - like Michael's:

  • Several (10-12 )different colorful, festive ribbons

  • Rick Rack in a few colors (gold or silver is niiice)

  • Small single candle holder base to go in bottom of jar

  • Loose faux pearls and/or small strings of pearls (or other "gems")

  • Empty glass jar (i.e., coffee jar)

  • Craft glue, preferably clear
And this is what you do: Segment by segment, cut a piece of ribbon and glue it around the jar moving upwards (or downwards if you are so inclined, no one's picky.) After the jar is covered in ribbon, glue on loose faux pearls, Rick Rack or other items. Let dry. Place a single candle holder in the bottom of jar. Put a single candle in the holder, are DONE! BOOTIFUL! Really, they are gorgeous.

Get creative with the colors. For example, in the one that my mom made, she used nontraditional holiday colors for the ribbons. It is made with turquoise, gold, pink, and green ribbon with a touch of red on the rim at the top. She also glued gold Rick Rack on top of some of the ribbons. And then added the pearls. Remember faux pearls. BIG mistake to use the string of pearls that your husband gave you for the 2nd time last Christmas. Hey, it happens.

You can also use any type of candle depending on the width of the jar you choose. A taper, a pillar - even a tealight candle if it is a small jar.

If you make one, come back and tell me about it. I'd love to hear how it went. I promise it is easy. Promise. Although Happy Geek has doubts. She tried my "easy to make cookies with small children" recipe and this is what happened. She is hysterical! As for the holiday candle holders...perhaps best to make these holiday candle holders during nap time!

Happy Holidays to all!

Added Note: the picture was taken with my cell phone and the candle holder is over 40 years old....But, I still think it lovely, don't you?

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  1. Tooo funny. I must confess I saw there were more than 4 components to the craft and went, :well that's something I will never try!"
    Yep, I'm a regular Martha Stewart I tell you.

  2. I'm pretty crafty - these sound pretty cool. Take care. Kellan

  3. but, like, i'm going to need a photo. because it's so hard to get enthusiastic about crafts without seeing what i'm making.

  4. Ooooh, very clever and crafty idea. I, too, would like to request a photo! :)

  5. O.K., Okay...she mumbles, grumbles...You see, I haven't stumbled upon the modern age. I still use a 35mm camera. I'll take a swing at using my cell phone...

    Thanks for coming by ladies...stay tuned!

    Get on it, Happy Geek!

  6. These sound so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Knowing my craft skills the whole thing would catch on fire. And burn my house down. I'm that crafty.

  8. "Well, let's just say that I am good at standing back in awe and admiration." HaHaHa! That's totally me! (Scroll to the bottom of today's post and you'll see!) The candle holder is beautiful. Copied your instructions--the hopper is full for this year but it goes in my Christmas Notebook for next year's crafts! Thanks!

  9. THANKS for the photo. IT rocks! It totally rocks.

  10. I used to be phobic about digital cameras - I loved my 35 mm!

    But now it the best thing ever. It's one of my favorite gadgets.

  11. Oh, I love this. I am the queen of crafts, just one of my many unmarketable skills. I wouldn't have to buy anything to do this, and could probably churn out about 10 of them in an evening. Well, if I had an evening. Maybe in 3 or 4 years

    And by the way, ma'am, if you can explain the directions that clearly you can make it, too!

  12. Thanks, ladies. Glad the picture added to the aura. And yes, Miss Janet, you are right. I can make this, too. Even me. I just LOVE the one my mom made so much. Even if the ribbon is a bit faded and shabby. When you put a candle in it, it is beautiful.

  13. That sounds like a great idea, I will have to try that. Thanks.


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