Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some days I feel like I've been disconnected.

Some days I feel like I've been disconnected.
No one hears what I am saying.

As if I talk in a void.

Lips moving, words drifting up through space.

Don't you hear me?

I sometimes scream too much.

Like beating a dead horse.
Being a mother. Being a wife.

Tomorrow will be my fresh start.

I hope my words will be softer.

And easier to understand.
Please don't hang up on me...

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  1. Great poem.
    Hope tomorrow is everything that today was not! If not, do you have a cat?

  2. I sure have a lot of those days around my house. I liked your poem - They're listening - I'm convinced they hear all of it, it's just ashame it takes all the screaming, sometimes. Take care and see you soon. Kellan

  3. We're not hanging up, we're all on the same party line. I'll agree with happygeek on the cat thing. Of course, it has to be the right cat. We have 5 but only 2 of them are really snuggly.

  4. Oh, yes. This is too familiar, I'm afraid. Powerful poem.

  5. smooches, dahlin'. it'll be better soon. sometimes stress eats our patience.

  6. Ahh yes. Right there with you my friend. Right there with you.

  7. uggghh...well..this to shall pass...and then come back for a touch and go...such is life.

  8. I hear ya - we all do.

    Some days are tough like that.


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