Friday, December 14, 2007

Just an ordinary toenail clipping

GIRL: Mommy, Mommy, I've got a really sharp nail. Get the clippers, quick.

Excuse me?

GIRL: Mommy, PLEASE can you get the nail clippers and cut my toenail. It is really, really sharp. Look!

Queen of the year (I've nominated myself, by GOD!) goes to get the nail clippers. O.K., GIRL let's see what we have. Oh, wow, that is sharp. Let me just ---

GIRL: It won't hurt!

No, GIRL, it won't hurt. Toenails are dead like hair. (Not quite accurate, but work with me here.) It's like getting your hair cut. That doesn't hurt, does it?

GIRL: No.....Toenails are like crabs!

Like crabs? [My GOD, is the summer crab phobia still lingering?]

GIRL: Yes, they are all dead like crabs. They don't move. They don't run around. That's how you know that they are dead.

Mmmm.... toenails are like dead crabs. Well, it is something to think about!

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  1. I believe girl has seen my heels...heaven help them.

  2. Crab phobia? It is hard to be young.

  3. How cute! Sometimes have just have no idea what they are talking about - do they? But, they are just adorable with a capital "A"! Have a great weekend - see you later. Kellan

  4. I will never look at grooming my nails in the same way again! LOL!

  5. Now THAT's a visual I may NEVER forget. Too cute.


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