Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Every pebble makes a ripple in the pool. Every pebble.

The lovely Liv over at madness, madness I say! nominated my post on Malawi for a November Just Post- "the parenting blogosphere's round-up of writing on social justice issues." I am honored to be on the same list with so many great writers who bring courageous issues to the forefront. Please check them all out. For more information on what Just Posts are, please follow this link. The Just Posts are brought to you every month by Mad over at Under the Mad Hat, Jen of One Plus Two, Susanne of Creative Mother Thinking and Hel of Truth Cycles.Thank you, Liv for that kind nod. And thanks to all of you who were moved to make a comment on my blog.

Mad's post yesterday announcing the November list struck a chord with me. In it she questions herself and us and asks if most of this is just Facebook activism. This really got to me: "And yet, the part of me that is a pessimist and that longs for dramatic change through concrete action gets the blues sometimes. Part of it is 'parent of young child syndrome'. I want to do more in my community, but by the time I get my kid up in the morning, take her to day care, squeeze all my work into the shortest day possible, pick up my kid, deal with the domestic, and get her to bed, I'm spent." I relate so much to what Mad is saying. It is often how I feel myself. I encourage you all to go over to her site and read the whole post.

I do think we can make a difference. No matter how small it may seem. A small gesture inspires someone else who often makes a larger one. Hence the concept of passing it forward. How many of you have experienced a random act of kindness or have gifted someone with a random act of kindness yourself? It is how we exist, I really believe...down deep. We continue to exist and evolve truly through kindness and helping others. Through love of our fellow man. If not, we are doomed. So, in that spirit, I challenge you my readers to create something that you gift the world with this season. Or perhaps if someone asks what you want for Christmas you can ask that a donation be made in your name here. A continuing food crisis in Malawi afflicts more than 4 million people - and more than a million of them are children under 5. Nearly half of Malawi's population struggles to live on less than $1 a day. Imagine, if you will, if you made a donation or a donation was made for you in lieu of a present in the amount of $50. How many people would that feed? If someone asks you what you want for Christmas, what will YOU say? Every pebble makes a ripple in the pool. Every pebble.

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  1. Thank you so very much. This was wonderful to read and a strong tonic for my pessimism.

  2. Wow, I did not know such a thing existed. It was great to read some of those articles. I agree that it is harder to be active with little ones but you are so right, we can do little things right now.
    My boys and I put together a shoebox for a child overseas, we hope to sponsor a child in the new year, and we give in other ways. It's the little stuff that begins to make the difference. It's like recycling, you say to yourself, but what difference does it make if I recycle my bags instead of throwing them out? If we all did it, then the difference is huge. I love the quote, "if it is to be it is up to me." It is up to me to make good choices not only for my family but the global community. Blogging about these things raises awareness!

  3. Great idea - I love the idea of giving overseas, giving to someone who really needs it.

  4. Congratulations on your nomination - so well deserved - REALLY!! I am a big fan. And I agree - every pebble makes a ripple - every single pebble. Take care, my caring friend.

  5. what an inspiring post. I, too, am glad we found you via Liv. she's good people, that Liv. as are you.

  6. I was happy to nominate you. Thanks for spreading the love and insight.

  7. That WAS a great post. I can relate to Mad as well. As soon as we think that small gestures don't matter, we're screwed. They so matter.


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